Thursday, 7 April 2011

Cousins again

The time has come to get back to writing about the family. I have been chasing up my cousins to let me have their family info so that if nothing else, my grandchildren will know who their cousins are. When we were young my sister and I were very close to our first cousins, especially on my mum’s side. They all lived in and around Hackney and Dalston in East London. On my dad’s side, they were more spread out in Willesden and Maida Vale in North West London and Barnet in North London, so we didn’t see them as much. My first cousins are my grandchildren’s first cousins once removed and my first cousins children are my first cousins once removed and my grandchildren’s second cousins. At least I think I am right. Now that all my first cousins are grandparents there is a lot of current info to go into the family tree.

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