Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Surnames continued

The next batch of surnames relating to direct ancestors, covers E - H

Emanuel – this line starts (and ends) with Rebecca Emanuel who married Jacob Martin (Nunes Martines) in London in 1796. She is Diane’s 3 x greatgrandmother.

Fienson – Feinson – this line starts with my maternal grandfather who was born in Bialystock and came to England about 1904.

Fernandez – Fernandez de la Penha – this line starts with Franciscus Fernandez de la Penha who was born in Spain in 1550. He is Diane’s 10 x greatgrandfather.

Godalski – Gold – this line starts with my paternal greatgrandfather Solomon Godalski who born in Warsaw and came to England about 1880.

Gomez – this line starts (and ends) with Abigail Gomez born 1629, who married David de la Penha Castro in 1664. She is Diane’s 8 x greatgrandmother

Hart – this line starts with Meir Hart who is Diane’s maternal 3 x greatgrandfather

Saturday, 16 April 2011


In our family tree when you include our extended families, there are about 100 surnames. Of these, however, only about 30 are direct ancestors. Over the next few blogs I will go through our ancestors. So lets start with A-D. Actually there are no A’s or D’s.

Balsom – Balzum – Belson - Benson – this line starts with my paternal greatgrandfather Joseph Balsom who came to England from Russia around 1889.

Benjamin – Binjamin – this line starts with Benjamin Benjamin whose daughter Leah married Moses Hart in 1819.  Benjamin was Diane’s maternal 3 x greatgrandfather

Bittan – Betan – this line starts with Yamin (Abraham) Betan who was born in Gibraltar and then moved to Morocco. He is Diane’s maternal 3 x greatgrandfather.

Cardoso – Nunes Cardoso – this line starts with Moses Nunes Cardoso who was married in Bevis Marks, London in 1697. He is Diane’s maternal 7 x greatgrandfather
Chaves – de Chaves – this line starts with Rachel de Chaves who married Moses Nunes Cardoso (see above). She is Diane’s maternal 7 x greatgrandmother.

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

My Blog

When I first started to write my blog I never imagined that anyone would actually read it apart from my own family.

Now five months on and 25 postings later, I thought I would go through the audience figures that Blogger provides.

Being based in England I assumed that all my readers would be in the UK. Well, 62% are, with 15% from the USA, 5% from Russia and 3% from Canada. The balance of 15% comes from 22 other countries.

This list of other countries, to me, doesn’t make sense. They are, in alphabetical order, Australia, Bangladesh, France, Georgia, Germany, Holland, India, Iran, Israel, Japan, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Nigeria, Norway, Poland, Singapore, Slovenia, South Africa, South Korea, Switzerland and Ukriane.

I suppose it just proves the power of the internet.

Thursday, 7 April 2011

Cousins again

The time has come to get back to writing about the family. I have been chasing up my cousins to let me have their family info so that if nothing else, my grandchildren will know who their cousins are. When we were young my sister and I were very close to our first cousins, especially on my mum’s side. They all lived in and around Hackney and Dalston in East London. On my dad’s side, they were more spread out in Willesden and Maida Vale in North West London and Barnet in North London, so we didn’t see them as much. My first cousins are my grandchildren’s first cousins once removed and my first cousins children are my first cousins once removed and my grandchildren’s second cousins. At least I think I am right. Now that all my first cousins are grandparents there is a lot of current info to go into the family tree.