Thursday, 24 March 2011

Jewish Genealogy round the World Part 4 - More from Poland/Russia

Lodz Cemetery

Cemertery Street, Bracka in Lodz was founded in 1892 . It is estimated that in it are  buried about 160 000 people. Here also are buried the victims of one of the most tragic events in human history - the Holocaust. On the part of the cemetery called " Ghetto Field "are buried about 43 000 victims of the Lodz ghetto who died from hunger and exhaustion.

Jewish Web Index

This is an Index, a Directory of Jewish Genealogical Resources and Links

The Chronicle of Bialystok  (Białystok, Poland)
The history of the Jews in Bialystok until the period after the First World War,

The Polish Genealogy Project

Ancestry the Polish Connection

All the research I have done has not helped me in any way to trace my family before they came to England. The only document I have is my maternal grandmother's aliens book which gives details of her Russian passport.

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