Friday, 25 February 2011

Jewish Genealogical Resources in England (A to C)

British Jewry

You'll find many basic questions on researching British-Jewry here.
You will also find a positive treasure trove of databases, links and other information.

Cassini Maps

The National Archive Registration District Historical Maps. Find any location in England and Wales. Maps from 1805 to the present day  Create personalised site centred maps See how the landscape has changed over time
Cassini Publishing, in partnership with The National Archives, has made available on-line digital versions of the original Registration District maps from the 1871 census. This set of maps is the only known collection of this type in the world.

Corporation of London

London Generations is a database compiled from genealogical sources held at London Metropolitan Archives. It can, for example, tell you which parish registers are held for Saint James Clerkenwell, which workhouse registers are held for the Kensington area and how many admission and discharge registers are held for Shelburne Road School. The registers date from the sixteenth century to the present day, so you could find registers which mention several of your own London Generations.

Charles Booth Online Archive

Four notebooks from the Charles Booth collection relating to the Jewish community in London in the 1880s and 1890s have been digitised and are available online.
This is only part of the archives held on his survey into life and labour in London (1886-1903) which can be found at

These sites are useful for anyone researching English ancestors.

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