Thursday, 23 December 2010

Times are changing

My mother’s parents were born in Russia but my mother never ever went on holiday outside of England. My father also never travelled outside of England.

How time changes things.

On Saturday, London was hit with, for us, fairly heavy snow. Enough for me not being able to go to football (that’s soccer for those of you outside Europe) and see my team Arsenal. Also enough to bring our transport system to a virtual halt.

On Sunday, my number 1 son (I have 3 of them) was due to fly to Tel Aviv from Heathrow for a meeting. The flight was cancelled but he managed to get a flight from Luton and arrived in Israel about 6 hours later than originally expected. He flew home on Wednesday.

On Monday, number 3 son was due to fly to Frankfurt from Heathrow for a meeting. The flight was cancelled so he couldn’t travel. On Wednesday he fly to Tenerife with his wife and their 2 children for a week’s holiday.

Next Tuesday, number 1 son together with his wife and 1 of their 2 sons is also going to Tenerife for a week’s holiday.

Number 2 son and his wife are not going anywhere, nor are we.

Growing up after the war one could never imagine the increase in air travel that has occurred.

This has nothing to do with Family History, but it shows how what was once a dream becomes part of everyday life. Television, colour television, Sky Plus, games consoles, computers, laptop computers, mobile phones, Iphone, Blackberry.

The list is endless and my younger grandchildren could not envisage life without them and wonder how my generation survived without them. What we didn't have, we didn't miss.

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