Monday, 15 November 2010

My wife's family

My wife Diane’s family were Ashkenazi Jews and her mother was born Leah (Lily) Hart. We were both surprised when we found out that Diane’s grandmother Dinah Bittan, was from a Sephardi family. Our 3 sons now want to know if they can have rice at Pesach. The Hart side I have traced back to Diane’s 3 x great grandfather Meir Hart born about 1770.

The Bittan side linked with the Nunes Martinez family in 1834 and with the Mendoza family in 1764 when Abigail Mendoza born in London in 1744 married Isaac Nunes Martines born in London in 1745.

Abigail Mendoza’s father Aaron was born in Amsterdam in 1709 and probably came to England about 1730. Aaron’s father Daniel Mendoza was born in Seville in Spain in 1685. Daniel’s father David was also born in Seville in Spain in 1650. In 1685 he married Abigail Castro de la Penta in Holland. Abigail was born in Seville in Spain in 1665.

David Mendoza’s father the Patriarch de Mendoza was born in Seville in Spain in 1624 and the trail ends there for the time being. Abigail’s family can be traced back to her great grandparents Franciscus Fernandes de la Penta born 1550 in Spain and Bianca Fernandes born 1558 in Spain who married in 1579.

The search continues.


  1. Diane is the cousin of my late mother Dinah Colski (Davis) nee Freedman, her mother was Betsy Hart. I am also researching the family.
    the only difference to Tony's information is that I have the name as Francsiscus Fernandez de la Penha (sometimes Penta) Castro and his father as Patriarch Fernandez de la Penha Castro born c. 1524. Fransiscus son Joseph born c. 1580 Spain married c. 1608 Bianca Rodriguez born c.1587 Argentina died 2 April 1673 in Rotterdam Holland. As with all research going back this far one cannot guarantee it's accuracy.

  2. hi Im also related to the mendoza side, I was told that my great uncle was daniel mendoza, have you got any further with the family tree? Kind regards Carly Morel (email)